Friday, October 15, 2010

The soldier and the civilian clinked glasses and the latter whispered again: 'Once a black pom which I needed for some kennels over the Klamovka wouldn't look at sausage either. I followed it for three days, until I couldn't hold out any longer and asked the lady who was leading it straight out what it actually was fed on, because it was so beautiful. The lady was flattered and said that it liked cutlets best. And so I bought it a schnitzel. I thought a schnitzel was better. And do you know the brute wouldn't even look at it, because the schnitzel was veal and it was used to pork. So after all I had to buy it a pork cutlet. I let the dog smell it first, and then I ran away with the dog following me. the lady shouted: "Puntik, Puntik!", but where was her deaf Puntik? It ran after the pork cutlet as far as the corner and beyond. Then I put a lead round its neck and the next day it was already in the kennels over the Klamovka. It had a patch of white tufts under its neck and they blacked it over and nobody recognized it. But the other dogs, and there were a lot of them, all went for fried horsemeat sausage. It would be best if you asked the maid what the dog likes to eat most; you're a soldier, you've a fine figure and she's more likely to tell you. I've already asked her, but she looked at me as though she wanted to stab me and said: "What business is it of yours?" She isn't very pretty, she's like a monkey but with a soldier like you she'll certainly talk.'

- Jaroslav HaĊĦek
The Good Soldier Svejk