Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Aunt May never mentioned that again. But she lost no time telling his father about the rabbit. -I scarcely know how to tell you, she commenced, and when Gwyon looked satisfactorily alarmed she went on, -Your son has learned, somewhere, to swear. It's scarcely surprising, with a grandfather who talks to him just the way he talks to his cronies in the saloon, and fills him full of all kinds of drivel...She went on to explain that she had taken a toy away from Wyatt every time this happened (being lenient), until he was left with only one, a cloth rabbit. (For the truth of that, the words which cost him those treasures were darn and heck: she seemed to know their euphemisitic derivation well enough.)
    -And then, the last straw, I...I can scarcely repeat his words. Though Heaven knows how they are engraved on my memory. He knew I was in the room, he was sitting on the floor with his last toy, this rabbit, and he said...your son said, as clearly as I'm speaking now, he said, "You're the by-Goddest rabbit I ever dam saw!" At which, hearing herself speak this, Aunt May almost sobbed crying out, -What kind of Christian mi...mish...minister do you think he will make?

- William Gaddis
The Recognitions

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