Wednesday, July 4, 2012

   "I am so afraid you are not happy at Xanadu," remarked Miss Hare-it was at breakfast, over the crispies, in the kitchen.
   "It is not that I am not happy," answered Mrs Jolley. "I am always happy, of course, more or less. It is that a lady does expect something different."
   Miss Hare mashed her crispies.
   "Oh, you know," said Mrs Jolley, "a home, and a Hoover, and kiddies' voices."
   "I do not know," replied Miss Hare. "This is my life. This is my home."
   And she munched the crispies.
   "You are that hard at times," Mrs Jolley protested, "and unwilling to understand."
   Miss Hare munched her crispies.

- Patrick White
Riders in the Chariot

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